The Web Shop

What is the web shop?

The Web Shop has been developed locally by Mt Newton Floral and Dynamic Solutions, created specifically for the needs of the floral distribution industry and its customers.

Who can use it? Does it cost anything?

Any customer of Mt Newton Floral can use The Web Shop. There is no cost for this order program.

How do I get an account for The Web Shop?

The Web Shop is for use by floral retailers only who have an account with Mt Newton Floral. To open an account, contact our Customer Care Team at or call us at 250-652-1683. We will send you a link to set up your account, it only takes a minute.

Is The Web Shop only for use on my computer?

You can use The Web Shop on your smart phone, tablet and computer, wherever you have a wireless connection.

How do I find what’s available to order?

Just choose “What’s in Store” and you’ll see the current offerings. Choose “Next Week’s Fresh” to see what will be available for next week’s delivery.

How do I search the catalogue?

There are 3 ways -- by Categories, by Alphabet – or simply type in the first letter in the Search bar, like “L” for Lilies or use a short word search like “Mums”.

How do I know what my delivery day is?

The Delivery Day you are buying for is in two places -- at the top of the catalogue page and on the Order Summary page.

Do order cut-off times apply to web orders?

Yes. For Next Delivery Day the cut-off time remains at 3:00 pm Monday through Friday.

How do I place orders after the “Cut-off” time? After Hours? On Weekends?

Placing an order after “Cut-off” is easy. Just select your next available delivery day from the calendar shown on the order summary page.

Under “Featured” you’ll find three filter options showing you what’s new, what’s unique and what’s special. “New” are items back in season or ones we’ve added to our price list that we haven’t had before. “Unique” will show you items that are above and beyond the ordinary, ones that’ll give you that “this is awesome” response. And “Specials” are just that, items that are a good value, either in price, or in limited quantity.

I see you have a Chat option. How quickly will you respond to the Chat?

Chat is the quickest way to talk to us directly. We have up to 5 staff who monitor the Chat and answer your questions weekdays from 9 to 5. When we reply, the Chat colour gets brighter and the icon “dances”.

How do the two different catalogues work?

“What’s in Store” is the default catalogue. It shows you everything we have on the farm available for sale for the next day. The “Next Week’s Fresh” shows items from the Price List that have not been purchased yet. They will arrive by your delivery date selected.

Why do I see inventory on hand in one catalogue but not the other?

“What’s in Store” shows you the items we have here on the farm in our Coolers, Greenhouses, and Fields. These are available to purchase for next delivery day. “Next Week’s Fresh” shows no inventory because these are items we will be purchasing in the next week.

Is the inventory accurate?

The inventory is as current and accurate as possible and depends on how many customers are ordering at the same time and the speed in which we can make updates and additions. The Web Shop is a web-based program, and this means that there will be times that when you refresh your screen, an item might show as no longer available, due to another customer ordering at the same time.

How do I know that my order is placed?

When you have finished your order, click on SUBMIT ORDER and this action will reserve your items. Plus, you will receive an order acknowledgement back from us via email in the next few minutes.

I really need an order today. What if I want to pick it up from the warehouse?

It’s easy to place a last-minute order. Just click on “For Pick Up” on your Order Summary screen and select an available time. We’ll call you back right away to confirm your pick-up time.

Can I place more than one order a day?

You can. One invoice per order will be issued.

Can I view my order once I’ve submitted it?

You will receive an order acknowledgement soon after submitting your order.

I have a special event coming up. How do I let you know about this higher priority?

On the Order Summary page, just select the appropriate category under “Special Event?”. We give special consideration for these events.

What if I want to change an item before I submit an order?

It’s easy to make a change on your Order Summary page. To change a quantity, click on the “-“ or “+” buttons. To delete an item completely from your order, click on “Remove”.